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Russian vs Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions

Cairns Hair Braiding & Extensions is your go to place for all things braids, locs and and human hair extensions. Our entire range of hair extensions is made from 100% Remy, reusable, double-drawn human hair extensions; available in 100% Remy Russian extensions and highest quality virgin Remy human hair extensions.  While our Russian hair extensions is high quality, easy to maintain and long lasting, our Luxury Russian hair extensions have more benefits and last much longer.

Comparing Russian vs Virgin Extensions


When comparing 100% high-quality Russian Remy human hair extensions to 100% highest quality virgin Remy human hair extensions, there are several factors to consider.


Firstly, the lifespan of Russian human hair extensions is typically around 6-9+ months, while virgin human hair extensions can last up to approximately 1.5+ years. However, it's important to note that these durations can vary depending on external factors. In humid climates like Cairns, for example, the lifespan of even the highest quality hair extensions may be slightly reduced compared to cooler, less humid climates.


Both types of hair extensions have their pros and cons. Russian human hair extensions are known for their exceptional quality and longevity. They offer a natural look and feel, blending seamlessly with your own hair. However, they may require more care and maintenance to ensure they remain in optimal condition throughout their lifespan.


On the other hand, virgin human hair extensions are considered the epitome of hair quality. As the name suggests, virgin hair has never been chemically processed, dyed, or treated, preserving its natural integrity. This means that virgin hair extensions have a higher resistance to tangling, shedding, and damage. They also tend to have a silkier texture and can be styled and colored more easily.


Investing in virgin hair extensions is worth considering for several reasons. Firstly, their longer lifespan means you can enjoy them for a prolonged period, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Secondly, their superior quality ensures a more natural and seamless look that is less prone to damage. Lastly, the versatility and ease of styling with virgin hair extensions can enhance your overall hair experience.


While Russian human hair extensions offer excellent quality and durability, virgin human hair extensions are often worth the investment due to their longer lifespan, superior quality, and easier styling options. Consider your specific needs and preferences when making a decision, and remember to take into account the climate and environment in which you'll be wearing the extensions.


Our Russian and Virgin Remy hair extensions are available in a range of methods offered in salon and for purchase, online including genius 'invisible' weft, machine weft, tape, keratin bonds, micro bead, nano bead, ponytails, clip ins, halo and hair toppers. If unsure about which method is suitable for you, we will be happy to determine which is best suited for you and your lifestyle, during a complimentary consultation. 

We offer;
Safe and Long-lasting Hair Extension Application Methods.
Respected professionals with years of experience to apply our extensions.
Truly natural looking results require a high level of skill for correct attachment, and we pride ourselves on correct placement every time.


All hair extension services also come with a complimentary cut to blend and style. We also offer a complimentary 2-week check-up to make sure you are loving your new hair extensions – it is our chance to perfect your hair after it has settled in.

Please see our FAQ’s section for more information.

Hair Extension Methods/Techniques


The #1 most requested extension method. Why? Prevents Damage to the client’s hair and scalp from tension. Eliminates Discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and offers styling versatility which means no more exposed beads, bonds, or braids when wearing hair up. Suitable for fine-thick hair, and lasts up to 12 weeks.



Weave hair is applied by braiding the natural hair into cornrows first, then using a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid or cornrow. Weave hair extensions are used for people with thicker hair. Lasts 6-8wks.


A series of micro beads are placed in a line along your hair, close to the scalp, in waterfall form for extra protection. A weft of hairs is then sewn in to them. These are also known as 'braidless weave.' Lasts 8-12 wks.

These are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. Like micro beads, but so much smaller. No heat or glue is used, lasts approx 8 weeks. Suitable for thin hair.

These are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair to small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. No heat or glue is used, lasts approx 8 weeks. Suitable for medium-thick hair. 

Invisible Tape Hair Extensions (also known as Skin Weft) are the same as the tape method in the way that they are applied; they are applied like a sandwich (the natural hair is positioned between two extension pieces). However, our skin weft hair extensions are far better than the standard tape extensions. They are hand tied to create the appearance that the hair is directly growing from the scalp. In this way, you do not get the shiny tape extension show through like the traditional method. This also significantly minimises the risk of heating up the bonding glues, which can be damaging. This is a very compatible method for all hair types of different lengths. We make use of an advanced compound that can be easily removed by our gentle removal spray. Very quick to install, and hair can be re-used. They last approx 4-6 weeks before needing to be moved up/maintained.


Keratin bond hair extensions are a popular type of hair extension that use keratin, a natural protein found in our hair, to attach the extensions to your natural hair. The process involves melting the keratin bond with a heat tool and then attaching it to small sections of your hair. These extensions are known for their durability and natural look. The keratin bonds are small and discreet, making them blend seamlessly with your natural hair. They can be applied to add length, volume, or even highlights to your hair.

These are applied strand by strand with a special thread technique. Ideal for people trying to grow their natural hair. It’s safe and suitable for all types of hair and no maintenance is required. Lasts up to 3-4 months!

A wig that has sheer lace along the front portion of the wig that rests along the forehead and traces your natural hairline. The purpose of the lace is to give the wearer the appearance of a natural hairline. 

These hair extensions are the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly remove them and put them back on whenever you want. Super easy to do all by yourself. We can also show you how! 


(incl.100% Remy RUSSIAN Human Hair Extensions)

20" Volume


20" Volume + Length


20" Volume + Length on short hair


Move up/refitting 

from $125

Install on clean hair 

from $125

Removal only (applicable only to extended wear after 8+ weeks)

from $25


(incl.100% Remy RUSSIAN Human Hair Extensions)

20" Volume


20" Volume + Length


20" Volume + Length on short hair


Move up/refitting (from


Removal (Per row)


Did you know?

We stock a full range of 100% Remy Human Hair extensions in a variety of styles and large range of shades including ombre, balayage and foil options.

These are available for purchase online and can be shipped nationwide. 

If you do live locally though and need some advice on which colour and style will suit before you buy, book a consultation, and our experts will help you make the right decisions.



(incl.100% Remy RUSSIAN Human Hair Extensions)

16" Half Head 50g


16" Full Head 100g


16" Full Head Thick 150g




20" Half Head 50g


20" Full Head 100g


20" Full Head Thick 150g




24" Half Head 50g


24" Full Head 100g


24" Full Head Thick 150g




(Hair Installation /Removal Only)

Full head Move up/refitting

from $230

Half Head Move up/refitting

from $145

Standard Full Head Install Only


Full head removal only 

from $75

Full head removal with refit within 6-8 weeks



(incl. 100% Remy RUSSIAN Human Hair Extensions)

20" Half Head. 20 pieces


20" Full Head. 40 pieces


20" Thick Full Head. 60 pieces


Standard Full Head - Removal, Wash & Blowdry


Standard Full Head/Install only - 40 pieces


(Installation/Removal only)


(incl.100% Remy RUSSIAN Human Hair Extensions)

Half Head. 50 pieces


Full head. 100 pieces


Thick Full Head. 


(Installation only - w/ BYO)

Standard Full Head Install Only



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